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Patient Care

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The ongoing care of your child is our primary purpose. One of our pediatricians is available at all times for emergency phone calls. Our office staff works with you to make sure that regular check-ups and all appropriate vaccinations and shots are scheduled.


The first office visit for healthy newborns is at approximately one week of age. Thereafter, they are examined on a monthly basis during the first six months; every 2-3 months until age 18 months; every 6 months until age 3 years old. Thereafter, visits are scheduled on a yearly basis. Checkups include a physical exam and an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any problems. Lab tests and immunizations may also be done during office visits. For detailed information, download a copy of What to expect from doctor's visits.


We are available at all times to deal with emergent medical issues of your child. During office hours, a child with an emergent illness will be seen promptly. After regular office hours, one of our physicians is always available to respond to emergency calls.